who we are


This is an actual candid and you can tell because it’s super awkward. Posed candids are obnoxious. We’re straight-shooters here. Authenticity and the like. That being said, we are using pseudonyms on this site—not to hide ourselves, but because we believe the names we have chosen express the deeper realities of who we are better than our given names.

Who are we? Albatross (on the left) and Seagull (the other)—college students majoring in different artsy yet equally useless fields. We like thinking, intentionality, and fashion; this blog is an exploration of that. We plan to shun traditional style and explore fashion outside of the norm to discover what ‘style’ truly means and how it relates to us as human beings.

Don’t be a fashion lemming. Set your own trends. Subscribe to // fashun.


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