take a bow


We, the fashion birds, have returned to kick off the upcoming school year with our brilliance and infallible inspiration; you don’t even have to say thank you. Don’t ask us where we’ve been, it’s confidential (laziness). The point is that we are back in full force to take your fAsHuN up to the nExT LeVeL.

I will confess that the outfit inspiration in this post comes from last winter, for a post that I conceptualized at first sight of my beautiful friend at a party. She was wearing this beautiful dress with a bow around the neck, and in a flash of genius she suggested that perhaps the bow would look better if worn an unconventional way.

And thus, this incredibly innovative look was born:


The reason this look works so well is because it takes advantage of that moment of pause we all experience when faced with an outfit with a built in bow. Do I tie this in the front? The back? Does the knot go on the side? Up over my shoulder? Seize that second of indecision and wrap yourself up like the GIFT to HUMANITY that you are.

Seagull and I tried the look for ourselves. It turns out Seagull had these undiscovered gems just sitting in her closet, their //fashun potential as yet unrealized! You might be housing a Distinctive Piece like this and just not know because you had not yet been exposed to our friend’s style brilliance.


This style of top, previously presumed to be worn with a bow around the neck, are somewhat vintage now, and can be found pretty easily in thrift stores. Not only is this trend En Pointe, it’s economical too.


Also I know it’s August, but as this post was conceived in the winter, keep this outfit idea in the back of your mind for January, when your ears are freezing and you want a stylish way to them warm. It’s perfect.

stay stylin’ my friends

yours eternally (until the semester gets busy at least)

albatross x


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