Something White

wedding rings and flowers

This summer I went to my fair share of weddings.  (Yay small Catholic liberal arts school!  But actually.)  In fact, I have plenty of friends who have gone to MORE than their fair share of weddings – and this is for you.

If you have weddings to attend in your future, we all know the question looming at the back of your mind: WHAT DO I WEAR?? *gasp*  Especially with the seasonal color pallet dictated to us by the fashion industry, clothing yourself for such an event can prove a daunting task.  We hope to alleviate such anxiety.

There are so many fashion faux pas to consider – cue lists and lists of do’s and don’t’s.  For goodness sake!  This is the 21st century!

If you ask me, it’s time to buck one of the oldest wedding trends.

Ladies, it’s time to wear white.

|dress: Sacred Heart Thrift Store $0.50|shoes: thrift store $10|earrings: birthday gift|

That’s right – you heard me.  Wear white.


Cheeky. Classic.
Cheeky. Classic.

So what if people think you’re competing with the bride?  It could result in one of those awesome “Who wore it better?” spreads in the couple’s wedding photo album!  How original of you!  You’ll give them something fun to remember and be thanked for years to come.  You should feel free to show the bride that just because social conventions say it’s not your special day doesn’t mean you can’t make it so by rocking a white frock, too.

Wear whiteespecially now that it’s after Labor Day!  Since when have you let a calendar dictate your fashun choices?  (Please let the answer to that be a resounding “never”.)

White is such a versatile option to have within your wardrobe – don’t let anything keep you from showing off this fact.  Whether fancy, plain Jane, or as a accent, let us know how YOU make white an integral part of your attire.

Wear white.  Be original.  Be you.  We’ve got your back.

Until next time!




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