I go to bed every night and snuggle up under my blankets well assured of the fact that all of you are a) familiar with the flower crowd trend and b) like it a little, in spite of yourselves. It’s so whimsical and airy and hipster and musical and summery and beautiful and who doesn’t want to be a fairy sprinkling polleny fairy dust wherever you walk. Nobody, obviously. But let’s be real. That fad is tiring. A flower crown no longer inspires allergy-affected joy! It’s a bore—you don’t see the wearer of the crown as one who is a creative free spirit, you see them as a boring pinterest phony.

Well, phonies begone! There is yet a way to recapture that whimsy and Coachella-esque aura of a flower crown without causing everyone who gazes upon you to instantly fall asleep from sheer boredom. I present to you, the Elephant Ear Crown.

IMG_1054Our front garden is overrun with these Jurassic Park-esque plants. I thought I’d give my family and hand and trim back some of the smaller leaves (believe it or not, this one is comparatively tiny!) and use them to craft a unique flower-crown for any outdoor summery activities. The result was great, so I have decided to give you a DIY tutorial for your own personal use.

You Will Need IMG_1065

  • Elephant Ear leaves (or any other large plant you choose—I liked the uniqueness of this particular specimen, but I bet that this tutorial could work with something as tiny as daisies or maybe even twigs if you set your mind to it)
  • Scissors
  • A paring knife
  • A cutting board
  • A rubber band or thin wire

Step 1: Pick Your Leaves

IMG_1052You want a variety of size and sturdy stems—remember, you are going to be slicing into these bad boys and you don’t want them falling apart on you. Ensure that you cut the stems long so you have room for adjustments later. I only chose a few leaves because I wanted the crown to be spaced apart, but if you want a fuller crown, cut more leaves and connect them with shorter stems.

Step 2: Making the Cut

IMG_1058Take your paring knifIMG_1055e and cut a slit near the bottom of the stem of your leaf, making note of where you need the leaves to fit together in order to fit properly on your head. Be sure to cut far enough away from the end that you can widen the slit without separating the stem into two.

Step 3: Forging the Crown

After you make your cuts in your stems, take the largest and second largest leaves and slide the smaller stem into the slit in the larger one. Because there’s not much ‘give’ in the slit, you want to ensure that you string them together according to decreasing size. This is just like making a daisy chain, only with huge elephant ears. Your chain should look like this:


IMG_1060Step 4: Bind Off

Using a rubber band or some thin wire, fasten the loose stem just beneath the largest leaf to secure your crown stays in its shape and on your head.

Step 5: Be fabulous

IMG_1063If you’re really digging the elephant ear look, wear your crown like the leaves are actually elephant ears and arrange the two largest leaves on either side of your head.


Regardless, you’ll look amazing.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I’ll see you next week!



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