more is more

|dress: TJ Maxx sale rack|earrings: Walmart sale rack|shoes: some German store in Kusel, also sale rack or the German equivalent|belts: the cloth ones were made by the lovely Gina Radovcich… the others… idk|ring:|bracelet:|

Happy humpday, folks!

I had a discussion with a friend on simplicity: the value of minimizing clutter, whether in the mind, living space, desk, or even the wardrobe. In visual art the move toward such simplicity embodies itself in the minimalist tradition. Of late, I have seen many photographers jump head-long onto this bandwagon of sorts, opting for black and white photos of simple lines or bits of nature, often giving a clear nod to graphic art.

While I, admittedly, enjoy finding beauty in the small things, I argue that less is not always more. And by now you should know we’re pretty anti-bandwagon at //fashun.

This outfit begins with a minimalist base: a black and white polka-dot frock with clear pattern and structure. But though you may be fooled into thinking I buy into this trend, fear not! I have taken it a completely new and re-imagined route!

Ladies and gents, more is more.

Good things come to those who accentuate.

Here, you will notice, I have accented my waist with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR fabulous belts. You can never have enough of a good thing (and this is a good thing indeed).

One demure floral belt sings of my feminine beauty while a slim red pleather belt is all business. The zany patterned one reveals my creative genius and lastly, but certainly not least, the animal print roars of my wild side. These are sides that every woman can now sport all at once. You, too, can be everything to everyone every time.

Call me wonderwoman and break out the spandex.

Release your inner spirit-shoes (like a spirit-animal... but not).
Release your inner spirit-shoes (like a spirit-animal… but not).

Next, my shoes are simple in style – the essential go-to: flats (amIright?) – but explode with excitement and glamour. They maintain all-around comfort and function while flaunting an exotic and vibrant spirit. In fact, if you asked me, I would say of the shoes I own, this pair most embodies my soul.

So bring fun to simplicity – less more is more! Don’t succumb to the industry standard of wearing a single belt. Don’t minimize, maximize.

Opportunity comes once in a lifetime.



Cheesin' all the way.. because I'm Batman.
Cheesin’ all the way.. because I’m Batman.

5 thoughts on “more is more

    1. You are only limited by 1) your imagination, 2) the amount of belts you own, and 3) social constructs of which you allow yourself to be made a victim.


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