Beggers & Choosers

Hello all! Last week my mom went to the hospital for some routine checkups/scans, and while she was there, she was given this fabulous pair of shorts to wear under her hospital gown. Being her usual prudent self, Mom decided to bring these home and see what use we could have for them. I immediately seized on them as I realized they would be absolutely perfect to create an outfit around and feature on the blog.


Beggars and choosers—what does that mean? I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “beggars can’t be choosers”. Well, I’d like to challenge that saying. Just because you have a thrifty eye for free stuff does not mean that you can’t create treasure from another man’s trash! As a beggar, I received these shorts and as a chooser, I embodied // fashun.


Sweater, Old Navy; belt, Goodwill; shorts, ~*~hospital thrift find~*~; headscarf, once again my mother’s closet; socks, Target; boots, mom’s closet

What not to do—overdone and blah

When I saw these shorts, I immediately thought of the high waisted shorts trend. However, I’ve really only seen it done one way, and since these shorts are so unique, I decided that the outfit I created around them ought to have a unique flavor as well. A new way to wear high waisted shorts, still in keeping with the character and personality of the shorts themselves. For that reason, I went with a 50s vibe, as the shorts emphasized my natural waist (very 50s) and had some flounce to them. As I was shaping my outfit around the shorts, I wanted them to be at the forefront, so I buttoned up a crewneck sweater and tucked it in. The belt at my natural waist highlights the shape of the shorts and creates a smooth transition between the different materials of the pieces.

The right way

 I paired the outfit with some scrunched patterned socks and Chelsea boots—which are very in, a fact that I diverted with the origin of these boots.DSCN1396 I didn’t buy these to be on trend; they’re authentically vintage, worn by my mother in 2001 to ride actual horses, not just to look like it. The scuffs on the toes display years of use and tough love as she cantered around Cambridge, England. Finally, to complete the 50s look, I tied up my hair in a headscarf. (Oh, and I got a haircut. Thoughts? I love it.)

Tell me about your thrifty finds and reimagined looks in the comments! As always—stay stunning, start shunning!

Albatross x

DSCN1395P.S. These fabulous shorts are hiding the worst sunburn in the history of all mankind. Don’t follow my example—wear sunscreen!


3 thoughts on “Beggers & Choosers

  1. Proving forever that you are my favourite blogger into the history of ever and that you can rock any outfit if you don’t doubt and just own it.


  2. I’ve been following all of your posts, and I’ve been shunning style down to pattern details for the last few weeks. I’ve lost my jobs and no longer have friends, which may or may not be related. Did you find that when you started shunning style your life became worse, people avoid your gaze when passing by, and society generally doesn’t accept you including your friends and mother? Just wondering. You guyz rock! Keep being fashunable! yoloamirighthahayah.


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