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Welcome back for round two!

Earlier this semester two of my engaged friends cornered an unsuspecting me in the back of the church one Sunday morning and asked if I could emcee their reception – a position I (perhaps too readily) accepted.  Hey Mom, a degree in Theatre IS good for something!

Said wedding reception took place a couple days ago and upon arrival I was bestowed the lovely corsage pictured above. Struck with inspiration, I brought it home with me. I ask:

Why should a corsage be reserved for a special occasion if it could accent an everyday outfit?  Why do high school dances and weddings have the monopoly on such attire?  What kind of fashion Nazi made that policy? 

Of course, this is the perfect opportunity to express what we are all about here at //fashun – shunning the fashion conventions of yesterday for a better, more stylish, today. So without further ado, I present to you today’s outfit.

|dress: TK Maxx [aka German TJ Maxx] €16|skirt: Ann Taylor Loft sale rack $20|ribbon: my grandmother’s closet|shoes: Anne Klein, probably sister to Calvin $30|corsage: wedding|

Today’s look is a collage inspired by my corsage and the spring weather that has finally been amenable for the past two days. [whoa are German & 50’s influences going on here? Yes.]

This gull has it going on!
This gull has it going on!

In the Midwest we have been having frequent, torrential rain. Everything is green! Inspired by the world around me, I too opted for a green foundation to my outfit. This dress is one of my favorites: the color, the birds, not to mention the perfect cut of the neckline accents my collarbone, the vaguely eighties sleeves, and the ideal length of the pleated skirt.

Ideal… for the //fashun skirt!

I present to you one of my favorite ways to change up your style. Folks, this is a look that is totally wearable with practically any wardrobe.

Aprons are just so stinking feminine! #getatmebro
Aprons are just so stinking feminine! #getatmebro

All you need is a dress and a skirt with a shorter cut and you are ready to go! I specifically paired these two because of the adorable spring patterns of both pieces. Also, the way the pleats peak out from beneath the gentle creme skirt is reminiscent of flowers peeping their heads out of moist springtime soil. Then threw on my corsage, black ballet flats, and (literally) tied everything together with my pink ribbon.

Most notably, this style transforms my dress with 50’s flair. I mean, who wouldn’t want to look like they’re constantly wearing an apron? If the 50’s housewife isn’t the epitome of femininity, I don’t know what is! As a woman, I hope to always appear simultaneously glamorous and fearless in the face of getting messy.

Sweeeeet deets - amiright?
Sweet deets, amiright?

Again, I want to take a brief moment to check out the details on this baby: birds and flowers. Aka spring. Need I say more?

But the birds and the flowers are so lonely… they complement one another but are somehow incomplete; they clearly call out for a corsage!  You can almost hear the birds whispering, “Flowers… bring us flowers…”  This is why I can no longer stand for the segregation of the corsage to the “special occasion.”

I’m for making every day special.

Lastly, this ensemble is a nod to my German heritage – those familiar with the dirndl will get my meaning.  For those not, think Oktoberfest.

Anywho, I would love to see hear your thoughts on this look and – even better – see your take on it! If this is out of your comfort zone start small – perhaps with solid colors and slowly move your way into prints. Albatross and I believe in you.

Auf wiedersehen, my friends. Keep shunning.


I don't always wear a corsage, but when I do, I do it ironically.
I don’t always wear a corsage, but when I do, I do it ironically.

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