meet Albatross


The title of this post is reminiscent of an American Girl book but it does the trick. I’m Albatross. I’m an English major who plays cello and likes cats and baby cows (I’ve been informed they’re called calves). I’m a vegetarian and right now my favorite band are The Preatures. I really like American Lit, especially The Great Gatsby and anything by J. D. Salinger. I’m a sucker for Tennyson’s poetry. Also Wordsworth. And the WWI poets.

That’s basically me. Now to the fashion.


shirt—was once my mother’s in the 80s; skirt—thrift store; shoes—sperrys flats or something

I chose this as my first outfit because it showcases one of the points I feel like this blog is trying to prove. I’ve been told that mixing and matching prints is ‘in’. Be creative, they say. Be wild! But be careful. The thing is, print-mixing isn’t really in—that’s the lie, see. Only a certain, socially acceptable amount of print-mixing is in. You can mix and match, but only in these ways that we’ve laid out for you. Otherwise you’ll look weird and trust us, you don’t want to look weird.

Screw that. This is the 21st century and I can make my own choices, thanks. If I want to mix prints, I’ll mix prints and I’ll do it how I like! Suddenly something that was ‘in’ has become ‘out’—and I like that. Take something too far and make it your own, that’s what I say.

This outfit has a fluid line running through it—like Modernist literature, there is order in the disorder. The floral pattern of the skirt is very structured, while the blouse flows forth from it. The swoop of the half-tucked blouse leads your eye along the line of the skirt, and the green belt half on the blouse and half on the skirt ties the color scheme of the two pieces together. I feel like this outfit could be worn to Sunday brunch and then on a nice amble through the park, so I chose comfy nautical flats to accommodate that aesthetic.

Tell me what you think in the comments! Would you dare to wear this?

Seagull’s introductory post will be up Wednesday, so look forward to that. Thanks for joining us on this wild ride! It’s going to be gr8.


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